ABC Translations was founded in 1993.

Our specialty

Translations standard & sworn

We translate all kinds of texts and documents (sworn translations are priced like standard ones): legal acts, notarial acts, commercial agreements, financial statements, contracts, invoices, registers of companies, technical documents, commercial booklets, medical literature, ISO standards, EU certificates, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of divorce, trade mails and love-letters. We will interpret all you would like to tell foreigner and all that foreigner would like to tell you !

We cover all world official languages translations!

Translation types :

  • standard: 2-3 working days - up to 5 pages a day
  • express: 24 hours - up to 10 pages a day
  • super express: 2 hours - than 10 pages a day

One accounted page consists of 1600 separated marks (counted after translation). One accounted page of sworn translation consists of 1125 separated marks.

Translations of car documents

Translations of car documents are ready in 24 hours without any extra charge! Sworn translations are priced like standard translations!